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Matt Hurd owner / maker


In 2009, I bought a 120 year-old three family income property in downtown Nashua, NH. I spent the next few years of my life working nights and weekends to rehab that early 1900s home.

Since then, I've owned and worked on several older properties. I have completely rebuilt a 280 year-old farmhouse that had been neglected for years along with its crumbling barn.  During this time, I've built up my love for "making" - woodworking, cabinetry, etc.

I founded Hurd Industries in 2016 (now Hurd Carpentry). Since then, I've worked on many lovely homes. My clients appreciate my innovative ideas, attention to detail, and strict code of ethics.


While my roots are in updating older homes, I enjoy working on all kinds of properties and providing my customers with efficient solutions for their home and family.


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